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Fado is Portuguese style in singing. The word comes from the Latin word ‘fatum’, which means: to have a certain sufferling, luck or love that navigates or commands life. The texts are about the history of a loved one, or the missing of a loved one. In the video you can hear the singer who you can experience when you visit us. She sings every saturday in a traditional setting in a restaurant in our area.

The Fado in Portugal dates from the end of the 18th century what sailors would sing to express their sadness. Today this way of singing is seen as pure Portuguese culture by everyone. The famous Fado singer was Amália Rodrigues. When she died there was a three day mourning and she got a state funeral. But, also now, there are many and many of them are famous. It is very much alive, see the winner of last year of the Eurovisie Songfestival Salvador Sobral. Of course, now it is a mixture of traditional and modern values. It has a public in all generations.

Back in the days people would have a meal together and after that somebody would start to sing, after that somebody else would take over. What the rest of the people would know, they would sing with. Today this is realised in restaurants. You have a 4 course meal and in between the courses or after the whole meal a singer will perform. My experience is that fado sang live is very intense. The singers nowadays mix old songs with new made songs and they have succes.



Every summer Vila Nova de Cerveira has 'Noites de fado'. This is a theatre setting

Covas, a village near ours, has a performance every 2 months in a very traditional restaurant 'Adega do Lagar' during dinner.

Valença, the next town, has a performance every saturday in restaurant FATUM situated in the fort, the historical centre.


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