Enjoy nature with its wonderful flora and fauna, eat sweet herbs and fruits, drink tea with sweet herbs, breathe oxygen and appreciate that nature does not judge


For eating

The site has eatable nature since it is situated in an orchard, having a herb garden, but also herbs spread around. You can use the herbs and ripe fruit when it is there.


  • for tea: fennel, mint, lucía limão (lemon taste) and lemon balm
  • for cooking: laurel, sage, thyme, rosemary

Ripe fruit:

  • in May: cherries
  • in July: plums
  • in August: black berries
  • in September: apples, pears, figs, peaches and quince
  • in October: olives
  • in December: oranges, tangerines and grapefruits
  • throughout the year: lemons


  • hazle nuts
  • chestnuts

Trees and flowers

The region the Minho brought last century all the tree types from the whole of Portugal to this area. So we have a mix of trees originally growing here and a kind of imported trees.
  • cork oaks, which mainly grow in the south, but also on the campsite and in the forest
  • mainly pinetrees and eucalyptus in the forest around us
  • oaks and a holly, in the forest and on the campsite.
  • it has a diversity on flowers, almost the whole year through
  • and a lot of broom and heath, which color the mountains yellow and purple in April.



Being in a forest means a lot of animals around. Although they are very good in hiding. There are lots of insects with other colours than we are used to. It is too much to name them all. As laymens we hear and see a lot of birds and butterflies, but the experienced people who visit our campsite tell us how big the variety is.

  • more than 30 species of birds
  • more than 30 species of butterflies
  • mammals like swine, fox, deer, badger and marten
  • bat, snake, lizard, salamander
  • mouse, hedgehog and mole, which our dog can catch
  • mantis and crickets.

Camping Convívio

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