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Rua de Badão 1
Bacelo, 4920 - 020 Candemil
Vila Nova de Cerveira

GPS-code: N 41°-56'-36'' W 008°-41'-36''
Degrees: 41°56.606',  -8°41.611'
Decimals: lat. 41.94342°, long. -8.69350°

Car or plane

Route description From Spain, the fastest way is driving to Galicia to Vigo. Coming from the north of Galicia you pass Vigo, coming from the east, just before Vigo you go into the direction of Tui and Portugal. From this border the best thing to do is to stop your navigation system and follow our route, written underneath (coming from Spain).

If you go by plain to Porto and rent a car, you can follow our route written underneath (via A28).

If you come by public transport you can switch to our page Links.

Tips for navigation

When you enter Candemil, be sure it is Candemil in Vila Nova de Cerveira. In Portugal names of towns are used more than once.

When you enter Rua de Badão 1, you might try Rua do Badão 1 (in the TomTom).

Coming from Spain the navigation system might give you the last 2 km a scenic route over a small, steep road. For motorhomes and caravans it is more comfortable to follow our route description written down below, starting at the border.

There are 3 different ways to write GPS-codes: GPS, degrees, minutes and seconds or degrees and minutes, and in Decimals. For a good explanation or conversion search in Google

A roadmap of Portugal older than 1 or 2 years is not up to date due to many changes in the infrastrucutre. Mainly roundabouts.

Toll roads in Portugal

In Portugal people pay little road tax. Therefor we have toll roads. There are 2 systems. In our region this means

  • The A3, in the direction of Braga, which is the French system. You take a ticket at the beginning and pay at the end. Attention: often credit cards don't work.
  • The A28 (only after Viana do Castelo, 40 km from here) in the direction of Porto. The first petrol station after Viana do Castelo on the A28 gives the opportunity to registrate yourself. A picture is taken of your matricula and you put your credit card to register. Then, you can use the electronic toll roads for a month.

People with a rental car will have a device.


Via de A28 (Porto and the airport)

From the airport you go right, in the direction Porto. You take then the 1st exit in the direction of Viana do Castelo, A28. You get another exit in the direction of A28, Viana do Castelo which you take. Now you are on the A28. Near Viana do Castelo (you have a mountain in front of you with a cathedral on top) you go over a long bridge. After that one, you take the 2nd exit, going up, with the sign A28. At the top you keep to the left, to stay on the A28. Drive this highway till the end, where you automatically get on to the N13, a two lane road. From here it is another 10km. You pass trafficligths, a small roundabout (with on the right the supermarket Pingo Doce), trafficlights, a roundabout with a deer (this is Vila Nova de Cerveira), again trafficlights (2 immediately after each other) and then after ca. 300m you go right, in the direction of Pdes. Coura (picture 1). After ca. 500m you get a big speed bump and another one. Then you go right, into the direction of Candemil (picture 2). You drive this mountain road for ca. 3,5 km., pass the sign Moreira and after ca. 50m you go left (picture 3, Bacelo/Camping Convivio). See the pictures at the top for the last 300m (after 200m in the curve of Rua do Bacelo you go left. After 70m you are at the main entrance.

Coming from Spain

Cross the border at Tui (Spain) and Valença (Portugal).

Take the 2nd exit (no. 14) in Portugal, going to Vila Nova de Cerveira. You get onto the N13.

You stay on this road for 8 km (3 roundabouts and 4 trafficlights). At the 4th trafficlight you go left, where you see the sign Candemil, and immediate to the right (more or less along the N13).

After 400 m you go left again, in the direction of Candemil, onto the mountain road N302.

After 3,5 km you pass the sign Moreira and 50 m after that you go left (sign Bacelo, Campismo Convivio).
After 200 m in the curve you go left. 70 m further is the main entrance of the campsite.

Via the A3 (Braga)

Take the exit no. 13, in the direction of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

You pass a roundabout (1st exit), then a sign Candemil and then a 2nd roundabout where you take also the 1st exit, in the direction of Vila Nova de Cerveira (we have our own sign here).

After 2 km you go right at the signs Bacelo and Camping Convivio.

After 200m in the curve you go left. After 70m you are at the main gate.

Camping Convívio

Rua de Badão 1
Bacelo, 4920 - 020 Candemil
Vila Nova de Cerveira

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