Eatable nature

Our campsite is part of nature. Weeds don't exist, only plants that are in a place we don't want it. Following this concept we have every year new flowers in between the old ones. It also shows how abundant nature can be if you don't restrict it to your own limited belief of how it should be. It makes you feel alive. It makes that you can deeply inhale and feel happy. Then, we discovered nature doesn't judge which also supports one to feel free. Of course with respect for the environment. Besides these values nature gives us food, also on the campsite.

Originally our campsite was a family farm like everybody has in the region the Minho. Centuries ago the people divided the land amongst themselves. There was enough and everybody took what they needed. They grew and in the villages many of them still do, vegetables, fruittrees and products like patatoes, onions and garlic. Through time the plots are smaller, because parents who died divided the land over the children.

The camping is situated in the orchard. The pitches on the terraces was the horticulture. Over these terraces they grew grapes at a height of 1m5 to 2m which would give them wine for one year. We still can harvest plums, peaches, apples, pears, cherries, oranges, tangerines, hazlenuts, chestnuts, grapes, olives and wild strawberries.

Talking about abundance earlier. This grows on you and comes in many ways. Like I said you feel more free, because not judged, the oxygen is clean and we have a lot. This you need to feed your body to live. And, last but not least. Because everybody has more than enough food they have full tables. You don't feel restricted to eat just a portion. I hear people say now, but you shouldn't it too much. I agree, but it is about the feeling in general it gives and the energy in general that then flows. The leftovers go to the animals like chicken, ducks, geese, sometimes a pig, and dogs and cats. So in the end you eat fresh food (the most nutrients are in the food during 3 days after harvesting), you don't feel restricted and you don't waist it.

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