Walking through the hills of the Minho with fantastic views, historic scenery and peaceful nature


4 Day tracks

The town Vila Nova de Cerveira consists of 15 villages or parishes, of which Candemil is one. Within Candemil we have our campsite in the district Bacelo. The tracks go through different parishes with cultivated land, and nature as forest, hills and meadows. The campsite is the starting and finishing point.

  • Art track through the parishes Candemil and Gondar, passing a art galery in a monastery
  • Mill track through Cornes and Nogueira, passing old forest and water mills
  • Vila Nova de Cerveira, with different nature going over the hill and coming back through the valley. Beautiful view on the ocean (see the picture on the home page)
  • Covas, mainly through nature, just passing restaurants during lunch time

6 Half day tracks

De campsite is the start and finish.

  • 1 hour in our village Candemil
  • 2 hours through the valley, het village Cornes
  • 2,5 hours over the hilltop to the Convent São Paio, the art galery
  • 2,5 hours throug the forest in Candemil
  • 3,5 uur around the hill Monte Forte in Gondar
  • 3,5 uur through the forest passing the water mills in Nogueira

4 Nature parcs, the beach and the caminho Santiago

  • National Parc Peneda-Gêres (30 km)
  • Nature parc Serra d’Arga (15 km)
  • Nature parc Lagoa dos Bertiandos (25 km)
  • Nature parc Corno do Bico (20 km)
  • Beach walk (flat) combined with part of the Santiago route (in the hill) (25 km)
  • Ecopista along the river, no motorized traffic and flat paths

Camping Convívio

Rua de Badão 1
Bacelo, 4920 - 020 Candemil
Vila Nova de Cerveira

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