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Bing and Gea

Who are we

We, Bing Müller and Gea Mulder, live since 2001 in Portugal. We started in the Algarve where we had bought a little house, 20km from the sea.
In Holland we had a successfull business in IT, managing the systems of small companies who could not afford to hire. We reached the point that we had to decide to hire people ourselves, instead of just the two of us. It gives responsibility for other people and that also makes that the way you work changes. Did we want that. Luckily we could afford to take a year of. The clients were brought to a collegue company.
The Algarve was just far, geographically, away enough from our old life that we had to break with all our habits. The social network, the volunteers work, the business network and we could freely think what we wanted, what the options were.
After 3 months we realised that we liked Portugal and started looking around how we could make money. So, we found this campsite, abandoned, for sale. And we are still here.

Gea Mulder

I grew up in the east of Holland and finished an education as secretary. This brought me to the next workingplaces: a political refugeecamp in Tanzania, the Anti Apartheid Movement in Holland, the University of Utrecht and now this campsite. It showed me that the position of secretary is not seen as challenging with the people who can go to higher education, but then it is needed everywhere (any country, any level) and you are challenged to work at a high level. Independant, lots of responsibility, creative and being challenged by a complex situation which a refugee camp, in times of war, is.
Running a campsite with just the two of us and every now and then help brings out everything what a person is able to do. You have to work mentally and fysically; the work is outside and inside; it has its social, creative, administrative and organisational side. The biggest challenge was starting fresh with no budget, no social network, a new language and a new society in which to built up our company.
Now, it only can get better, since we built all the necessary networks and know how to speak Portuguese.
Besides the work on the campsite, for quite some years I made cork products like bags, pot holders and placemats. Now, since I had my experience with the healthcircuit I work with energy therapy to strengthen ones imunesystem.


Bing Müller

I was born in Indonesie and I am an Indo (half Dutch, half Indonesian). In this life I am passing through. I have lived more than half of my life in Holland and almost half of my life in a foreign country (Indonesie, Suriname, Tanzania and Portugal). I also feel at home here.
After the Higher Technical School (Dutch term) I worked as an electrical technician in the African National Congress (organisation fighting against apartheid in South Africa) refugee camp in Tanzania. After that I worked at the Anti Apartheids Movement in Amsterdam. In the meantime I did courses in computerscience and worked in that field for 12, of which 6 years independant.
And now, the last years I run happily together with my wife Gea this campsite. The nicest thing is that half a year we run the campsite and half a year we maintain, renovate and develop the things we can offer.

Camping Convívio

Rua de Badão 1
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